Formed and developed by The Birthlight Trust – an internationally acclaimed non-profit pregnancy and well woman yoga organisation – Birthlight Yoga is an original method of teaching and practicing yoga, that is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellbeing of women throughout the journey of pregnancy, birth and the beginning of the family’s new life together.

Here at The Centre, we offer a comprehensive Birthlight Yoga for Pregnancy course that strives to enable women to give birth with minimal intervention and focuses on helping mothers-to-be find confidence and knowledge as they approach labour and birth.


Birthlight Helps Ease Tension and Complaints Arising From Pregnancy

Most women, whether they have been pregnant themselves or not, have some knowledge or experience of the physical and emotional havoc that pregnancy can bring to your body and mind. As the baby develops within you, your hormones are in a constant state of flux, sleeping is harder and harder and as the baby gets bigger, so the aches and pains get more uncomfortable and harder to manage.  Birthlight Yoga not only teaches women to stay positive and embrace the change, but also practices moves that – through stretching and toning muscles as well as learning relaxation techniques – can help relieve causes and alleviate all kinds of different pregnancy symptoms leaving you free to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.


Birthlight Allows You to Stay Fit, Strong and Relaxed Throughout Your Pregnancy

Throughout the duration of the course, Birthlight will teach you a variety of different, specially adapted yoga Asanas and micro-movements that will help to build and maintain muscle elasticity and stability during pregnancy. Chosen specifically as the safest and most suitable for pregnant women, these movements include hip rotations and flowing sequences which were developed in order to avoid the strain that can occur when holding one position.

Birthlight Allows You to Connect and Bond With Your Baby

The simple act of dedicating time for a prenatal Birthlight yoga course at The Centre is already a conscious decision which prioritises both your baby’s and your own health before your child is even born. The yoga movements and poses that you learn as part of the course are some of the first things you will actively do to care for your baby and this alone is a bonding experience. In the focused silence and concentrated breathing techniques that you will learn during the classes, you will be able to listen to the changes happening within your body and the baby growing inside you.


Birthlight Prepares You For Contractions, Labour and Birth

During the Birthlight Yoga course you will be taught adaptations to some classic yoga poses which specifically aim to prepare the body and also the baby for the birthing experience. By practising positions which create space in the pelvis and also strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles, Birthlight Yoga gives expectant mothers tools which they can then adopt to ease pain and discomfort during labour. And these exercises are not limited to yoga positions. Birthlight also teaches breathing techniques which can be useful during labour and birth to help the mother to relax, keep calm and trust their bodies to instinctively open up for the birthing experience.

In addition, these exercises and techniques can encourage and assist the baby to move itself into the optimal foetal position for a natural birth.

Birthlight is Empowering

People love telling women what to do when they are pregnant. The chances are you’ll have multiple people, including medical experts and doctors giving you advice that you might not feel comfortable with. By taking the Birthlight yoga course you will be taking responsibility for your pregnancy. Birthlight strongly believes in fully respecting the choices of each individual woman and this empowering feeling of taking control of your body and the baby you are growing inside you, will in turn help you to develop a stronger feeling of confidence in yourself and your choices for your pregnancy. Birthlight Yoga also empowers by helping pregnant mothers-to-be to maintain or gain fitness while also reducing anxiety with breathing and relaxation techniques. The stronger you are physically and mentally as your body grows and changes, the more empowered you will feel as you approach labour and birth.