Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. It’s a body therapy using the same principles as acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose, and is applied through gentle stretches and pressure using thumbs, fingers, knees and palms. It is a fully clothed, full body therapy traditionally practiced on a futon, originally from Japan with roots in Chinese medicine.

It differs from other forms of massage in that it is a holistic therapy, and every treatment is unique. A client can come for a general, or specific physical, emotional or mental issue. The 12 Chinese meridians of the body are touched to form a diagnosis followed by specific physical and energetic techniques to harmonies imbalances. All conditions, ailments, or dis-harmonies are a sign that the energy within the body is out of balance. In addition, pain and discomfort can be prevented through regular Shiatsu sessions so as to restore the balance before it manifests physically, emotionally or mentally.

For the shiatsu practitioner any physical or psychological complaint is evidence that the flow of energy in the body has been disrupted. Shiatsu stimulates the body to re-establish this balance. For this reason, there are few dis-harmonies and discomforts that can’t be improved upon through shiatsu.