Yoga is most commonly thought of as a physical activity in which students contort themselves into challenging positions, either holding them for a short while, or flowing into the next sweaty challenge.

There are quiet literally hundreds of different styles that may include a relaxation at the end, music, candles, bright lights and silence catering for different levels of experience and conditions, and often have a jargon filled dictionary of positions and techniques.

For me, yoga is not about contorting yourself into an extreme position, or achieve a yoga body; these things may or may not come, but are little bonuses that may deviate us from the true delights.

Yoga, in it’s truest context is a philosophy and science of how to approach life so as to attain a higher state of self awareness and ultimately, our true blissful nature. The Physical is just one piece of the puzzle, but for some, the easiest to access. It’s original meaning unites exercise, as well as breathing, relaxation, diet and meditation. The mat becomes a metaphor for life. What you learn about yourself on the mat becomes a lesson for your off-mat life. Sometimes I fall, sometimes I can’t balance. Some days I’m tighter then others, some days I feel weak, some days I feel stronger.

Yoga is really not about getting your leg round the back of you head. Yoga is what you learn about yourself on the journey to get there.