Pregnancy is a time of huge change in a woman’s body, and massage during this time, with an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner can be highly beneficial for both mother and baby. Shiatsu – an ancient traditional form of massage based on the same principles of acupuncture – has been proven to benefit both the expectant mother as well as the development of the embryo.

Regular Shiatsu sessions can help the mother-to-be to adapt the physical, mental and emotional changes occurring in her body; relieving pain and stress by teaching her to relax, breathe and listen to the body.

By supporting and stimulating the body, Shiatsu fuels our natural ability to heal ourselves and encourages balance not only for the physical body, but also for the emotional and psychological aspects of being. Not only that, Shiatsu works with pressure points which have specific links to various parts of the body and certain ailments and can be used to relieve headaches, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, muscle tension and general stress. Working with pressure points which are particularly good for pain relief can also be highly beneficial for pregnant women going into labour.

Working with the flow of energy and energy meridians in the body, Shiatsu practitioners are trained to recognise any blockages, obstructions or unusual patterns in the body, before any physical symptoms appear. By stimulating and harmonising the bodies energy flow, a Shiatsu session can restore harmony in the body, promoting overall wellbeing and reliving aches, pains, headaches and stress.

While Shiatsu is traditionally performed lying on your back or stomach on a futon at floor level, Shiatsu for pregnancy is adapted to suit the needs of the patient. Expectant mothers can lie on their sides or use props to position themselves, and here at The Centre, we even have a special body cushion for you. The Finger Pressure techniques used in this form of therapy make it a safe and effective body treatment both during pregnancy and after birth.