11:00 - 13:30
2.5 hrs


During this workshop we will work on building strength and confidence. The postures we will play with require focus and patience. You will feel your core awakening, your spine nicely twisting, your legs grounded and light at the same time and have the opportunity to play with arm balances. 

You will be challenged.  But don’t forget: you can’t spell CHAlleNGE without change! 

All levels welcome! 


About YogaOungareza

Judit's yoga journey started more than 10 years ago when she attended her very first hatha yoga class. At that time yoga was an escape from a stressful job as a tourist representative and a way of getting more flexibility. She attended her first teacher training in 2015 and has completed another 3 since then. 

She practices what she teaches, and in her spare time she can be found practicing and developing her arm balance and inversion practice at home or by the sea. Her style is vivid and flowing. She teaches power vinyasa, pregnancy yoga and kids yoga in her home town Paralimni.